About Us

Legally AMBITIOUS ("L.A.") is a Signature RED brand and original term used to describe the lifestyle and characteristics of today's determined, enterprising, forward-thinking woman. The brand encompasses events and products for the L.A. woman that understands that where she is today, does not have to be where she is tomorrow. Poised and confident, the L.A. woman is savvy and always ready to 'learn skills, make deals, and style in heels'.

Legally AMBITIOUS Products

A line of products for the lifestyle of the L.A. woman, a multi-faceted lady with a wardrobe to match. The essence of the L.A. woman is personified through her work, family, service and of course, her personal style. Not afraid to do it all, the L.A. woman lives life to the fullest.


L.A. Lifestyle Tees are original statement t-shirts for the multi-faceted woman with an ambitious approach to life and business. She works hard and plays hard... in style.

L.A. Women Give Back

L.A. women understand the importance of giving back to their community. Therefore as a brand we purpose to help draw awareness to organizations and causes that impact women's health and esteem through our Awarness Partnership Program. Through the program, we donate 15% of awareness product purchases to partnering organizations. See list under 'Awarness Partners'. If you are an organization that is interested in partnering with us to raise awareness about your cause, simply contact us for more information on how to participate.

For more information about Legally AMBITIOUS visit www.legallyambitious.com.